Monday, January 19, 2015

chinese checkers

Columbus Park
new york city, 2012

I watched the movie "Searching for Bobby Fischer" on Netflix recently--about a young chess prodigy who gets his start playing against the chess hustlers in Washington Park in New York City--and I remembered these photos I took one December day in New York when a ride on the wrong train took me to Columbus Park which is nestled right up against NYC's Chinatown. Everyone was playing cards or chinese checkers--or some version of checkers and chess as I know---and no one seemed to mind the fact that it was pretty cold outside to be sitting in the park playing games like it was in the middle of summer instead of December....


  1. this is a nice fragment of street life.... very nice post... =) ew

  2. i like it. now you are not restricted to chicago.

  3. yes, nice pictures.... I've tried to learn this game "chinese chess"... Too hard..

  4. Hi b.c. These chess player pictures are wonderful.

  5. thank you so much my friends. i am looking for more of these in my files so i can post them...