Friday, June 24, 2016

searching for the old me

When I was younger I believed, that I could win.
Now I wonder.
There was a time when you and I, walked hand & hand.
Now I wonder.
 i keep on searching for the old me, I keep on thinking I can change
I keep on hoping for a new day, will I ever feel the same?
Now I wonder.
Oh I wonder.
Now I wonder.
--cris isaak

Saturday, April 9, 2016

things to know

hope is the hardest love we carry-- Jane Hirshfield
in difficult times, carry something beautiful in your heart--Blaise Pascal
misery is wasted on the miserable--Louis C. K.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

ways of rebelling

 who needs to be at peace with the world? It helps to be between wars to
 die a few times each day to understand your father's sky, as you take it apart
 piece by piece and can't feel anything, can't feel the tree growing under
 your feet, the eyes poking night only to find another night to compare it to.
 Whoever heard of turning pain into hummingbirds or redbirds--
 haven't we grown? What does it mean to be older? Maybe a house with-
 out doors can still survive a storm. Maybe I can't find the proper way to
 rebel or dammit, I can't leave. I want to but you grow inside of me. And
 as I watch you, before I know it, I'm too full, too heavy with you to move.
 Maybe that's what they meant when they said you shouldn't love a country
too much.--Ways Of Rebelling by Nathalie Handalphotos: Nasugbu, Philippines

Sunday, February 14, 2016

what survives

 who says that all must vanish
 who knows, perhaps the flight
 of the bird you wound remains
 and perhaps flowers survive caresses in the ground
 it isn't the gesture that lasts
 but it dresses you again in gold
 armor--from breast to knees--
 and the battle was so pure
 an Angel wears it after you...

-What Survives by Rainer Maria Rilke; photos: scenes from US Route 20

Saturday, January 23, 2016

twist in my sobriety

Stan on Randolph St.

I've been re-editing all my old favorites to compile them into a photo book. I was hesitant to take on this project because my files are somewhat messy, and I can only work a few photos at a time (because there's so much Netflix that needs watching. :)) Anyway, I took this photo of Stan in 2008. I was standing near the entrance of the train tunnel where my friend Roark, who used to sell Streetwise News, introduced us. Roark said to Stan, "She wants to take your picture." I wasn't yet used to being a person with a camera on the street and I was very shy. Well, today, I'm still very shy, and clumsy, and awkward, but so many other things have changed: sadly, my friend Roark isn't with us anymore-- he passed away in 2012 and I miss him still, I never saw Stan again but since then, I've taken hundreds more photos--thousands, in fact.. anyway, I'll end here with this lovely and enigmatic Tanita Tikaram song, pls enjoy....