Friday, January 5, 2018

Glittering Rooms of the Heart

 You still love the ones you love,
back when you loved them--
 Books, records, and people
 Nothing much changes in the glittering rooms of the heart
 Only the dark spaces half re-claimed
 And then not much,
An image, a line,
sometimes a song...

--Charles Wright, from "15" in Lightfoot: A Poem

These are some photos from a trip back to St. Croix in the Virgin Islands, where I saw some of the damage from Hurricane Maria. I learned of the passing of an old acquaintance, and found a few places shuttered, or gone altogether. But still, the church bells rang in the morning, along with the crowing of the proud island roosters. I rose early just to watch the sky change from night to day, made a few silent wishes and gave thanks: for the world as it continues to turn, for the love of my family, and for the kindness and friendship of so many people, including and especially you, my dearest blog friends, who continue to be my supportive companions in all my creative quests. May the renewals of the day last us all through the year!


  1. Here is a very moving message that pleases to read. I wish you a happy new year, dear Peggy. (The contrast must be terribly striking between the climate of the Virgin Islands and that of Chicago right now.)

    1. Thank you so much my friend. i'm so happy to be home but indeed its a little hard to switch back to winter... :))

  2. words and pictures give a strong message! very very nice! ew

    1. hi electricwave, thank you so much my friend! :))